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Large Healthcare Benefits Case Study

DTI helped one of the largest health benefits companies in the USA with challenges related to having many affiliated companies, each with its own branding.


  • Producing effective member communications and timely notifications, cost effectively and efficiently.
  • Desire to reduce the 15-day timeframe to execute and mail patient medical communications and increase the frequency of production runs so that customers receive information that is not out of date. (When data and production were run monthly, the information was sometimes six weeks old by the time patients received it in the mail.)


  • A fully customizable digital platform, enabling the production and assembly of unique and personalized member communications in a shortened timeframe.
  • Cross platform capabilities for additional lines of business communications for the individual brand owners; enabled an increase from 3 million collaterals to over 10 million mailed annually.
  • Transformed a complex multi-page document, in which pages and information could be mis-matched, into a single page for print and mail.
  • By collecting data weekly and running production weekly instead of monthly members now receive more relevant and current information in as few as five days.

Why DTI?

DTI’s experience with document composition, layout and Information Technology Services (ITS) made it possible for this major healthcare benefits company to reduce the production costs to generate personalized and timely communications. Member response has been positive– their information is current and relevant at time of receipt. DTI’s flexibility, industry knowledge and cost management controls have led to improved operational efficiency, allowing the company to experience business growth and an increased market share, doubling their Lines of Business and expanding to other brands.

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