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Cyber Security Case Study

DTI worked with a cyber security consulting firm that helps companies that handle customers’ PPI (Private and Personal information) to prevent and respond to data breaches. This company’s clients include companies in a wide range of industries who are aware that data breaches are inevitable despite having the most robust controls in place.


  • Providing timely notifications and call center services to support each client’s customer base within legally mandated timeframes in the event of a data breach.

  • Desire to build further business by offering monitoring and other cyber protection services.


  • A digital platform for updating marketing collateral that eliminated the additional cost for reprints of outdated print materials.

  • Changed from cut-sheet printing to continuous-feed production printing, enabling an increase of business from 50-80 jobs per month to 400 jobs per month.

  • Enabled customized communications using variable data versus static print, providing targeted messaging to enhance its clients’ reputations as companies that are able to handle customer data securely.

Why DTI?

DTI enabled this cyber security company to increase its capability to meet regulatory initiatives and guidelines for customer notifications. The company can also now more effectively market its growing array of solutions that help clients address cyber intrusion and maintain their reputations for ensuring the security of their customers’ information.

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