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About Us
A full service multi-channel solutions provider, Direct Technologies, Inc. (DTI), specializes in variable print, fulfillment, electronic communications, and direct mail. For 24 years, DTI has processed a multitude of time-sensitive projects integrating technology-based solutions to meet our clients' needs. We currently operate in two facilities with over 150,000 square feet. We operate 24 hours a day, six days a week.

In June 2017, DTI received SOC 2 certification. This certification is representative of DTI's commitment for excellence. DTI is one of the very few solutions providers to meet SOC 2 requirements.

DTI has been dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers by combining unmatched quality with unparalleled customer service. Defined by our responsiveness, flexibility and sophistication, we deliver the solutions you need while providing you with the one-on-one attention you deserve.
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There is a lot to look at when trying to find a solutions partner. Maybe the most important is value — what you get in return for what you pay. Well, with competitive pricing, superior customer service and results that always look fantastic, Direct Technologies delivers maximum value to each of our customers on every project.

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With 25 years in the business and 250 years of combined experience we are able to develop innovative solutions.

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DTI's entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of our company's values. Our reputation in the industry is second to none. We have built our business on making the impossible, possible.

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Driven by a passion for innovation and the most technologically advanced platform in the industry, our team of "make it happen" people continually challenge the status quo, creating solutions that push the boundaries of communications.

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Enhanced Results.

Custom, data-driven solutions are our strength.

Flexible On-Line Reporting Capabilities
Data Analysis
Inbound and Outbound Tracking Services
Return Mail Processing
Segmentation Reporting
Coupon Tracking and Reporting
Trigger Communications 

Industries Served


Our Services

DTI offers a full suite of technology-based services.  Our entire organization is committed to delivering high quality products with unmatched customer service.


1200 x 1200 dpi resolution combined with auto variable drop size for superior image quality and smooth gradations

Print speeds up to 492 feet per minute results in more than 120,000 letter size impressions per hour

Supported paper weights range from 40 to 250 gsm on a multitude of media including USPS approved 9 point gloss

High density aqueous based pigment inks which are environmentally friendly and produce a wide color gamut

Let DTI take your business to the next level with exceptional color and offset quality for high-speed graphic communications.



Case Studies

At DTI, we believe that our business is your success, and we are proud to have a series of a case studies that demonstrate the expertise and reliability that our team provides to a wide range of industries.  We are committed to delivering, best in class customer service, versatility and quality for every client, no matter your project size or budget.

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For over 10 years, we have relied on DTI for our direct mail services. The DTI team has become an integral part of our success and the success of our clients. Our campaigns are often done under tight budget and time frames. DTI has always come through with expert detailed service and attention to detail.

The versatility of DTI’s equipment and its superior data processing service makes it easy for us to depend on DTI for almost all jobs, large and small.

I look forward to many more years of successful campaigns with DTI.

Agency Services
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I have known and worked closely with the DTI team for quite some time now and trust them to do what they say and stand behind what they do. I completely trust their collective integrity and trustworthiness. I have known them to always put the customer first and to be passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience. This is an exceptional group!

Commercial Printing
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I moved all of our direct mail printing and production over to DTI to take advantage of their secure data services, attentive account management, favorable pricing and excellent production quality. Our business utilized confidential PII provided by the Credit Reporting Agencies for pre-approved credit offers, and so DTI had to be approved for handling this sensitive data. The security of our data had to be impeccable, and DTI handled all transmissions without any issues. Their data team also moved nimbly with changes to our data modeling, suppression or reporting needs. Their account team provided excellent support as our mail plans changed frequently and eventually doubled in frequency. DTI also developed our customized DTI Online portal, where we had easy access to each mailing's key documents and our inventory tool. Overall, our experience with DTI was phenomenal, and I highly recommend them.

Chief Marketing Officer
Financial Services
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A SOC 2 examination is widely recognized because it represents that a service organization has been through an evaluation of their control activities as they relate to the applicable Trust Services Principles and Criteria.  A Type I report not only includes the service organization’s system description, but also includes detailed testing of the design of the service organization’s controls.  SOC 2 is designated as an acceptable method for a user entity’s management to obtain assurance about service organization internal controls over Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy without conducting additional assessments.

The United States Post Service is determined to improve efficiencies and award better postal discounts to professional mailers that keep careful process controls and active tracking ability on intelligent mail barcode applications.

DTI is an approved and certified full service intelligent mail barcode provider.  This certification allows DTI to offer lower postage discounts with higher client exposure for tracking and access to additional postal incentives.

We are an FSC® Chain-of-Custody (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified business certified by NEPCon, a partner of the Rainforest Alliance. Our FSC number is NC-COC-005902. The FSC process ensures that products designated as FSC certified have come from responsibly managed sources and have been processed and sold by FSC certified companies. We can include the FSC product mark on any FSC certified job we print for our customers.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a federally-implemented and nationally-applicable standard in the healthcare niche. It is applicable to all entities handling Patient Health Information (PHI). If such business entities do not follow HIPAA benchmarks for accessing, saving, sharing or using privileged PHI, they are liable to face severe legal consequences.

Privacy Information Assessment (PIA) ensures compliance with laws and regulations governing privacy and demonstrates the SEC’s commitment to protect the privacy of any personal information we collect, store, retrieve, use and share. It is a comprehensive analysis of how the SEC’s electronic information systems and collections handle personally identifiable information (PII). The objective of the PIA is to systematically identify the risks and potential effects of collecting, maintaining, and disseminating PII and to examine and evaluate alternative processes for handling information to mitigate potential privacy risks.* 

*Provided by the Privacy Information Assessment Guide, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


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