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Nationwide Retailer Case Study

DTI helped a large retailer that was aware of the importance of effective marketing channels and customer loyalty in a highly competitive industry.


  • Driving customer loyalty from top customers at 280 stores nationwide with personalized invitations for VIP private one-day customer appreciation shopping and hospitality events.
  • Using direct mail effectively in multi-channel communications.
  • Establishing an efficient production assembly process and cost management to support seasonal marketing initiatives.


  • Digital on-demand print production and data management; this reduced the production cycle from 85 days to 45 days, and reduced costs so that 18% more invitations could be extended.
  • Communications use handwriting type fonts and invisible inks to achieve a personalized envelope look while conforming to the USPS business standards for package management and sortation; this resulted in the highest event response in seven years.

Why DTI?

DTI provided the tools and industry expertise to enable this retailer to achieve the highest response for invitee attendance, the highest bump with a record increase in register sales, and the lowest cost of mailing in several years.  Running an “in-line” program with print-on-demand also reduced the additional cost in batch management for an even higher ROI.  Given these results and the fact that technology and compliance issues have been addressed, marketing management has renewed excitement about the value of customer loyalty programs.

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