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Fortune 100 Telecommunications Case Study

A Fortune 100 telecommunications company approached DTI for help with its goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its telemarketing centers in following up on telephone calls via mail to close more sales. This company wanted to improve deliverability and messaging as well as reduce inventory collateral costs.


  • Lost sales opportunities due to time required after follow up phone call from inbound and outbound telemarketing centers. Mail packages using boilerplate letter copy and static marketing collateral describing the services being sold are created from daily downloads, but take up to two weeks to turn around. Then the followup calls are scheduled seven days later to confirm receipt of the mailed collateral and to close the deal.
  • Wasted print inventory due to printed collaterals becoming obsolete.


  • A “copy mod” system using highly personalized letters complex enough to select various digital marketing collateral to create an on-demand correspondence package based on customer business rules was implemented. The business rules determined the body of the letter and associated collateral with personalized signature lines identifying the sales representative for better name recognition on follow up sales calls. Business rules also enabled more up sell opportunities for the sales representative.
  • Initially built to support the English language and a few product lines, the program eventually supported 14 different languages, resulting in over 4,000 variable modular inserts and 2,000 different marketing collaterals.
  • More closed sales since the print-on-demand letter packages are mailed within 48 hours of receipt of data (or the initial telephone call). The recipient now receives the information in advance of the sales representative’s follow up call.
  • Printing collateral on demand eliminated the need for keeping a print inventory and the problem of outdated materials being wasted, resulting in lower print and storage costs.

Why DTI?

Taking advantage of its robust document composition system, DTI’s full service Information Technology Services (ITS) department and resources provided the client a “one-stop solution” for all the client’s fulfillment needs, along with more personalized messaging and better inventory management.  Additionally, production services are performed under the same roof, providing a full-service solution for the customer.

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